State Street

State Street seen from Genesee, with the pillars of the Odd Fellows Hall on the left, and a gentleman in a boater sauntering uphill


One thought on “State Street

  1. The Grange Hall is the first building on the left. Note that the pillars do not yet have the concrete bases that were there in the 1950’s. Also note that there are lighting fixtures on each of the columns. They too were gone by the 1950’s. The building was torn down in the early 1960’s for a parking lot and a drive-up window for the Savings Bank. When the High School burned down in the 1950’s classes were held here as well. It was also used by one group every year for a pancake breakfast. Davies Drug Store relocated there in the basement with an entrance in the rear opening on to the parking lot driveway after they had a fire in their store on Genessee Street. The house just beyond the Grange Hall was torn down as the Savings Bank expanded. It is now a parking lot. Mrs. Hardwich (I think) was the last resident of that house before its demise. Whenever it rained hard she was out cleaning debris out of the storm drain that was between her house and the next one. The Hank Wait house was the next house. His family owned the H. R. Wait Furniture Store in Auburn. That family also owned the oldest boathouse on the lake off of West Lake Road. Then our house. After our house was one on the Tourist homes that catered to the actors of the Lyric Circus every summer. A bus would pick them up every night behind the Masonic Temple on the village parking lot entrance. Few of the Elms still line the Street. On the right is a bit of the grass behind the Library. The Porter house is behind that facing Genesse Street. The Bell family lived there when we moved there in 1956. Then the Townsend Wheeler family lived there when we were children before the Jack Taliaferro Family bought the house. And then we moved from the area.

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