Drink Up!

Beginning on July 1, 1894, the city of Syracuse began drawing its water supply from Skaneateles Lake. Eight years into the enterprise, the city received this bit of news:

“The city of Syracuse is confronted by an interesting problem in connection with its water supply which comes from Skaneateles lake. The village of Skaneateles at the foot of the lake sewers into the water and has done so for years. The city’s intake is farther up the lake and ordinarily would be considered safe from any danger from the sewage below. But some state jetties are so situated that contaminated water may be blown by north winds so it would reach the city’s intake. Therefore, Prof. Landreth of Schenectady who has just investigated the Skaneateles lake situation recommends that a sewage disposal plant for Skaneateles with necessary connections, etc., be erected and maintained at the expense of Syracuse. If Syracuse wishes to get rid of danger from Skaneateles sewage in its water it must pay for it. That seems to be the law in this case.”

— “Syracuse’s Water Supply” in Municipal Engineering (1902)


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