Grace’s House

Built in 1901 on land originally owned by Laura Fitch, Grace Parcell’s house is the only Dutch Colonial Revival-style house on West Lake Street. Its residents have included members of the Morris, Day, Warner, Hannah and Parcells families. I admire its modesty, its outlines, its wooden shingles, and most of all, I admire Grace Parcells.

When I first came to Skaneateles in 1998, I took long walks through the village, drinking in the remarkable beauty. I saw Grace often, riding her bicycle to and from her little house on the lake. One sunny afternoon, as she passed, I called out, “You are an inspiration to me.” She laughed and rolled her eyes. I love this house, and I cherish that memory.

A snapshot from the 1952 Appraisal Report by William A. Maloney & Associates, courtesy of the Skaneateles Historical Society


2 thoughts on “Grace’s House

  1. Rumors abounded that the house was to be sold and torn down, but in the past week these have been emphatically denied both by the family and by the nearby property owner who was said to be interested in the property. I thank them all for their clarification, and for their defense of this beautiful, historic home.

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