Charmer of Skaneateles

Who knew that the Duke of York ever set foot in Skaneateles? Or that his significant other was known as “Charmer of Skaneateles”? Only those who leaf through the pages of the illuminating American Berkshire Record of 1914, edited by Frank S. Springer. And the offspring of this union, what a remarkable catalog: Diligence of Candatowa, Johanna of Candatowa, Mignnonne of Candatowa, Poinsettia of Candatowa, Polly of Candatowa, Rhapsody of Candatowa, and last but certainly not least, The Merry Countess of Candatowa, seven sows who surely had their mother’s eyes. All farrowed on February 28, 1913, sired by Duke of York 6th, by the dam, Charmer of Skaneateles, bred by R. B. Bower and transferred on October 30, 1913, to Percy Waller, that most fortunate of Skaneateles pig farmers.

A noble American Berkshire

5 thoughts on “Charmer of Skaneateles

  1. Percy E Waller was my grandfather and I sure would appreciate any other information you could pass my way regarding family and farm. Do you know if it is still standing and where? Thank you very much.
    Barbara J. Waller

    • Barbara, I’m looking into the location of the farm. I have copies of Percy’s obituary and a photo of him when he played football for Princeton. If you’d like a photocopy, email an address to

      • I’ve found one reference: “108 acres, 3 1/2 miles southwest of Skaneateles on Benson street road.” Includes house, apple orchard and a wood lot. From the estate sale in 1927.

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