Exceptional Powers of Fascination

“Of late years prominent New York business men and retired merchants from various cities have provided summer homes for their families in Skaneateles, and in a few instances these families are away from the village only a few weeks of the year. These people are the lifeblood of the social circles. The gayeties are planned and controlled by the women.

“A man is in clover when he arrives in Skaneateles, for attractive women are here in great abundance. The great trouble is the scarcity of men. The weekly arrivals are made up in great part by the fathers and sons, brothers and friends who travel all night after leaving the city in order to pass a day or two in Skaneateles. But the supply of men has never been known to be equal to the demand.

“Whether the women are more clever and expert than the ordinary American girl or owe their exceptional powers of fascination to the natural surroundings and conditions of life, the place is famous for love affairs. No man escapes scot-free, and in large numbers representatives of the stronger sex are annually known humbly to beg the privilege of paying the board bills of Skaneateles girls.”

— From “Skaneateles: Its Past and Present,” excerpted from The New York Evening Post in The Evening Auburnian, September 14, 1880

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