Skaneateles, 1819

“Skeneateles. May 3. — This is a beautiful village, situated on the northern extremity of a lake of the same name. The land is fertile, highly cultivated, and presents a prospect truly romantick. The mansion house of Esq. ———– commands a full view of the lake, is decorated with every thing calculated to amuse a mind of refined taste; but it presents not a charm to him, who has beheld with an eye of faith the city of our God, the new Jerusalem. Unhappy must be the situation of that individual, who sees no other beauty, who seeks no other good than this world presents.”

Memoir of Rev. Levi Parsons: Late Missionary to Palestine (1824). Parsons, originally from Vermont, was the first American Christian missionary to the Holy Land. Before sailing in November of 1819, he toured the northeastern U.S., preaching and raising money for the trip. In early 1820, after stops in Malta, Greece and Turkey, he arrived in Jerusalem and spent three months handing out Bibles and scripture tracts. His health, however, was not equal to the rigors of his mission, and he died while seeking medical care in Egypt in 1822.


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