Livingston, Williams & Hunt

From Lakeside Studio

The firm of Livingston, Williams & Hunt sold “dry goods” in Skaneateles from 1899 to 1934. The principals were Herbert A. Livingston, H.B. Williams and Charles W. Hunt; they offered everything from wallpaper to ladies’ dresses, but I am drawn to them by their trade in cameras, film, photo albums, postcards, stationery and fountain pens. Also, they received daily weather reports via telegraph and posted each day’s forecast in their window, a service that ended, lamentably, in 1919.

They had their postcards printed in Germany, from photos they took and developed in Skaneateles at their “Lakeside Studio.” World War I brought an end to the trade in German-printed postcards, but several beautiful examples of the firm’s work from approximately 1905 to 1915 survive in private collections and at the Skaneateles Historical Society’s Creamery Museum.

Spafford Landing

Pier Panorama

Three Mile Point


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