Queen of Diamonds

ranger girls

At the age of 14, Margaret Gisolo could hit, steal and throw the curve, and her Blanford Cubs, for whom she played second base, won the 1928 Indiana state finals of the American Legion junior baseball tournament. In the seven-game playoff series, she batted .429 and fielded 38 chances without an error.

The commissioner of baseball, Judge Kenesaw Mountain Landis, responded by barring all women from the junior league. Hence Margaret Gisolo never made it to the Big Show, but she did barnstorm for a time with women’s exhibition teams, including the All-Star Ranger Girls.

In August of 1934, in that team’s final season, Margaret and her teammates took on the Skaneateles Lake Shores, gracing our Village with talent that would not be denied.


3 thoughts on “Queen of Diamonds

  1. “Pure, Clean Exhibition of Our National Game,” in contrast to . . . ?

    I hesitate to imagine the subtext of that reassurance, and prefer to believe it had more to do with ruffians at county fairs and carnivals than with . . . oh, jfor instance, the Negro National League formed a year earlier.

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