Golf in Skaneateles

“SKANEATELES GOLF CLUB–One mile from branch of New York Central Railroad station. Post office address, Skaneateles, New York. Organized, August, 1899. Entrance fee, $5. Annual dues, $1. Membership, 75. A six-hole course, with sanded dirt greens. Distances and bogey figures: 1. 275, 5; 2. 210, 4; 3. 240, 5; 4. 212, 4. 5. 182, 4; 6. 220, 4. President, B. Frank Petheram; Secretary, F.E. Stone, Skaneateles; Treasurer, John W. Waller. Governing Committee, Frederick Roosevelt, W.A. Loney, H.E. Loney, Chas. H. Poor, H.S. Abbot, H.W. Holton, Dr. G.E. Clark, and J.C. Willetts. Greenkeeper, Chas. Cunnan.”

Harper’s Official Golf Guide (1901)


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